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Tickles, Rattles and Runs

Tickles, Rattles and Runs by Canadian author K.L. McCluskey.

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Written by Canadian author K.L. McCluskey.

The author graduated from Print Journalism and wrote freelance for almost 40 years before she started writing her first book, A Kayak for One. Her writing included a weekly fitness column, full length feature stories and a stint as a reporter covering court and town council meetings.

A cartoon of the author at work.

Overlapping the writing years, she was a police officer with Hamilton Regional Police Service and worked in patrol, the Criminal Investigative Department, and the Special Investigation Branch as a detective in the Sexual Assault Unit. By the time she left her policing career she had attained the rank of Acting Staff Sergeant. She then bought a 12 cottage resort in northern Ontario. Six years later she sold the resort and taught Police Foundations at a college in Sudbury, Ontario until she moved to Victoria, B.C. for a short time. She moved back to northern Ontario, also for a short time, and now lives in a small eastern shore community in Nova Scotia.

She enjoys her time travelling to visit her daughters and grandchildren, and while at home enjoys writing, kayaking, hiking, biking, and exploring the beauty of the east coast.

Tickles, Rattles and Runs ebook cover. View from the ocean looking past two islands, a run, and through a tickle between two cliffs to a village in a bay.

A collection of short stories with an east coast flavour by author K.L. McCluskey.

Tickles, Rattles and Runs

More small stories of life in rural Nova Scotia.

Author: K.L. McCluskey

This second book of short stories is again about life in rural Nova Scotia along the eastern shore with its own culture and way. This collection of small stories from the perspective of a CFA, a Come From Away, highlights the author's view of life around her new home. Having lived in Ontario and British Columbia, and lived in both large cities and small villages and in areas where even villages were distant, the author is familiar with both urban and rural lifestyles, but living large along the coast in Nova Scotia has a distinct way about it. The small stories tell of a few ways in which the author sees the distinction.

The book consists of 5 short stories with an illustration for each story by Nova Scotia illustrator Arthur McBain. The stories are fiction as are the characters but still touch on the distinct flavour of maritime rural Nova Scotia.

Genre: Fiction -> Anthologies -> short stories -> single author
Genre: Fiction -> Cultural themes -> cultural interest -> general
Published: Dec. 14, 2018
Published by: An Taigh Buidhe air an Lohan Publishing.
Words: 13,230
Language: Canadian English
ISBN: 9781989172049
Available formats: eBook (numerous reader formats) and paperback.
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Available as a paperback book.

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Cover and interior illustrations by Arthur McBain

The cover illustrations, layout and formatting for the books by Arthur McBain for An Taigh Buidhe air an Lohan Publishing.

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